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Mortgage Checklist


The following information is usually required during the loan process:

  •   Driver’s license or other photo ID
  •   Social Security Number
  •   Current paystubs for past 30 days including year-to-date information
  •   Past two years’ W-2’s
  •   Tax returns for the past two years (if self-employed)
  •   Retirement account statements for the past month
  •   Copy of two most recent monthly statements on all asset accounts (all pages)
  •   Explanation of any large deposits (>=25% of monthly income)
  •   Explanation of credit inquiries in past 90 days
  •   Most recent mortgage statement, tax statement and hazard insurance declaration page on all rental properties
  •   Copy of signed sales contract
  •   Copy of earnest money and due diligence checks
  •   Divorce decree and Separation Agreement (if applicable)

If you currently own real estate:

  •   Mortgage account information
  •   Homeowner’s insurance policy information
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